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Company Profile

Bakers Land is a dream of a self motivated, self driven and self devoted person Muhammad Majid, who started his business in South Africa 14 years ago by the name of Galaxy Biscuits. The company is not only fulfilling local requirements but also exporting its products to the neighbouring countries with a production capacity of 150 Tons a day.

After successful operations in South Africa, his passion took him to his homeland Pakistan to serve his nation and for that matter he set the foundation of Bakers Land with a spirit and fortitude.

Bakers Land endeavors to be a venue where consumers can really enjoy the traditional taste, quality and purity of the products. We are willing to develop and contribute the pure, common and genuine partnership between Bakers Land and the consumer.


Mission Statement

We are an organization of creative and professional people; our mission is to strive for the excellence. We are determined to change and uplift the lives of the Nation. Our company’s strategy is based on progressing forward on the winds of ingenious ideas, new mindset and universal standards which leads to discover new territories over new horizons.


Vision Statement

Our company is like our home, a place where we wish to grow and explore our expertise with the passion to be known and respected as a food company most admired for its liveliness and innovation to be called the true professionals. Every individual should be fulfilled and successful at what we do. Bakers Land is committed for the constant improvement and excellence in its work.


Our Values

Bakers Land is focusing and trying to build a culture where we can adopt our traditional core values such as team work and healthy caring services. These values are the cutting edge of our skilled and trained work force. To get better results there is respect for everyone and fun for working together. We believe that every individual should aim for constant self improvement and gain knowledge for its relevant field.


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